The Board Exams

The  very word Board exams sends shivers down our spine. I am too under the spell of  these so called shivers. I remind my hubby to wake me up at 6’o clock the next morning inspite of setting up an alarm on my own mobile in case I am stranded in my dream world.Waking up the next morning is not a difficult task as I was almost up the whole night. No matter how cool I pretend to look ,but anxiety has certainly taken a toll on me.We leave for the examination hall after a double or triple check on my ward’s admit card and the must haves. I am reminded of the same jitters I had got three decades ago. It being the first day of the examination, we are greeted by a number of traffic jams at a lot of junctions. We are completely stuck in a crisis cross situation whereby some good samaritans take charge of the situation to help smoothen out the traffic flow. In the meanwhile I am making a plan  in my mind to take  a lift on a two wheeler along with my ward. I am immediately snubbed by my grown ups for coming up with such atrocious ideas. Well, we moms are always hyperactive whenever it comes to our kids! We somehow reach the centre merely ten minutes before the gates open.Phew!!!! What a task…..The narrow lane leading to the school is packed with anxious parents and vehicles trying to make their way to the other end of the lane. The customary ” Best of luck ” rituals which were to be done in the car itself with a  piece of chocolate ( not the dahi cheeni during our times) is forgotten in the choas. My ward makes a hasty entry along with other students and we are left murming from behind “Best of luck ” Amongst the choas, we meet a few parents whom we get to see only at the parent teacher meetings and disperse only to return after three hours. The student’s expression says it all. So the English exam went off well. Thank god!! Day two of the examination seems to be another stressful day as it is the physics examination. We obviously pass on our anxiety to our ward. I dare not peep into my ward ‘s books even though I am a science student. All I do is ask her ,”tumne compound microscope draw kar ke dekh leya? ” All I hear is, “Mumma rehne do na, mujhse kuch mat poocho.” “Ok, ok!!” I have done my job. At least I have shown her that I do remember a little of physics .Alpha, beta , gama…oops I don’t even remember the sign of gamma ! I pose to be the most composed parent at the gate and choose to keep to myself lest any parent approaches me to pass on his/her anxiety. So, how can I ignore the most asked , question,by the not so ignorant parents who secretly want to get all the information about which all forms you have filled and where all you have applied. I quickly pass the buck to my hubby saying he is doing so which is thankfully true. We are back at the gate to pick our ward few minutes before the exam commences.The curious parents throng the gate and are trying to peep through the minutest holes in the gate to get a glimpse of their wards as if they would gain some points in reporting this to the other parents. “Good lord , please give the poor souls way to exit ” are words running through my mind. The gates open and some of the over enthusiastic parents rush in adding to the choas. I position myself at a distance to give way to the students and my hubby gets closer to the gate. Watching me, a disdainful mother, who claims to be my friend, ahh ! friends for benefit, comes up to me only to make me feel like a careless parent for standing away from the gate.The students come out, some with lost expressions, and some with tears swelling in their eyes . I ask the same irritating question to a few  I know before my ward comes out, “kaisa hua?” ” theek hua, ajeeb tha ” were the replies that I get. This was to prepare myself for my child ‘s response in advance. The same question is asked to yet another student. ” Sharda University ” was the spontaneous reply. Omg !! How can today ‘s generation be so witty whereas we were supposed to be so coy and give the most appropriate answers !!!! My child was more than relieved that she wouldn’t have to study physics ever in her life. The next day we read in the newspaper that it was the toughest paper after ’84 which yet again happens to be the year i appeared for my Boards. Chalo one more exam over! This was  a recall of my experience two years ago !

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