Life of a Commuter 

To know how to drive is a very positive aspect of life, but little did I know that it would leave me unaware of the hardships faced by commuters in their daily lives. Leave alone travelling, I didn’t even know how to operate the app. Media reports are full of harrowing tales of people commuting by private cabs ,yet it doesn’t hit you till you are affected. Just a few days back I decided to travel by a cab due to unavailability of my car . Anyhow my kids booked me on a cab and I was taught how to track it as well. I was so amused to see the car reversing , turning and negotiating a crossing or a U turn on the app. A cab was traced within 4 minutes with the details and picture of the driver. A quick glance at the interior of the cab gave me an idea of how unkept it was. The Ac was not functioning well so I requested the driver to increase the fan speed which turned out to be of no avail. The destination was fed as Vaishali on the GPS . The driver followed the route via Ashram Chowk .I was used to taking Barapullah route which is much more neater. My kids were tracking me aware of the fact that it was my first journey by such a cab which seems to be so convienent to them . Can’t blame my ignorance of using an app based cab or my nervousness during the journey but it left me quite shaky . He was constantly getting calls and talking nonstop on his mobile . I could make out that there was some altercation between him and the person on the other side of the phone and then he had the guts to ask for my phone as his balance was over . Don’t know how I declined his request . Immediately after crossing Sarai Kale Khan he diverted the cab towards a CNG station . On being questioned he retorted ” Madam fuel khatam ho gaya hai . ” I told him that I was carrying food for a patient to which he replied ” bus paanch minute lagange madam . ” It was of no use arguing as the fuel was at empty. By now I was already cooking up stories in my mind how this journey would make headlines the next day . I texted my kids about all this and they asked me to be on the phone till I reached my destination . I had to get off the cab for gas filling and had to stand there with so many bags in my hand amongst so many CNG vehicles . I was asked to change the cab by my kids but was not sure if I would have got one there . It must have taken 20 minutes at the CNG station. During this entire course of journey he was playing such wierd songs on his phone and I thought it inappropriate to engage myself in any sort of conversation with him . I was more than relieved to reach my destination and decided never to take such a cab . This was was just one experience , wonder how the daily commuters cope up with such services.

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