When my soul abandons me !! Oops !
I am all set to pick up my cushion covers from Shilpkala Ustav from Agha Khan hall. Our car takes full 3 circles and we come back irritated to the same spot opposite Supreme court inspite of taking directions from Google maps. The scene outside the court seems to be from a chapter of Harry Potter . Lawyers clad in their white shirts and black coats are hurriedly crossing the road . A lawyer is standing in the middle of the road holding a few documents in one hand and talking to someone on the phone in the other hand. “ Ye toh yahin se faisla suna denge “ and RP my driver starts laughing. “Patake ban ho gaye hain naa “ “ Han patake nahin bik sakte is Diwali “ and a smile lingers on his lips. He ‘s not sara hua today. Thank Goodness!
We have to eventually give up and take directions from a passerby .
Taking a flight upstairs, I realise that my chappal is ravenous and has opened its mouth to satiate its appetite. Nevertheless I stead carefully as I have come all the way for my cushion covers ordered at Dehradoon.
The cushion covers are very disappointing. The monal birds in appliqué work appear like dragons ready to pounce at any trespasser . I decline the order and turn back for my return journey.
I am treading slowly towards the exit when my right foot doesn’t seem to be aligned at the same level as the left one .I carefully take another ‘ slow loris ‘ step when I realise that the sole of my chappal was missing to my utter disbelief . I sheepishly look behind to confirm the current status of my chappal and I spot my sole lying orphaned on the floor.
It would have been very embarrassing had I proclaimed it as mine. I disown it and walk ahead disguising my limp. Thankfully my gait goes unnoticed on the stairs . A procession of musicians blowing their hilly trumpets crosses me on the last step. I am relieved that my orphaned sole will get a cover up oblivious to the fact that the scene must have been captured on the cctv installed there.
The procession proceeds me and I am once again left alone. I take another slow step and encounter some intellectual Fab india type women with big bindis adorning their foreheads . They had obviously entered the premises to get high on retail therapy. Seeing me limp they cast such sympathetic looks my way that I wanted to bury myself in any nearby pit .I am completely disgusted by now and don’t know how to hide my embarrassment. I don’t care now and am limping impatiently towards the gate. The guard is giving me suspicious looks as well or it’s my conscience. I tip toe on my right toe to balance my gait with the left foot. RP is there to pick me at the gate to my great relief. I throw my self at the back seat and we zip off.
My next halt is at the first kolapuri shoe shop at Janpath . A solitary pair of Cinderella silver kolapuri chappals await me . I slip into them and am off towards my safe abode , my home sweet home !

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